Hong Kong July-August 2015

It’s time for a short break and quick recharge before the hectic college life begins! Off to Hong Kong for a 7D6N trip again~ 20150727_064319
On Aiport Bus A22 to Kowloon Peninsula. A day in Hong Kong on truly begins after a nice Dim Sum session in the morning… augedit1



Location: The Graces Restaurant 玉桃軒

Telephone: 2677 8637

Opening Hours: 08:00 – 23:00

withaneasymind says… Not too bad, cheap and worth the eat if you are living near Kwun Tong MTR.

Off to the nearby APM Mall~ 20150728_100805

Location:No. 418 Kwun Tong Road, Kwun Tong, Kowloon (MTR – Kwun Tong Line Kwun Tong Station Exit A2)

withaneasymind says… Impressive set up, to be honest. Exhibitions only last for a certain period of time though. There are various exhibitions all year round and particularly impressive during the Christmas period.

Foodie fest at Kowloon City…


Location: 九龍城衙前圍道64號曉逸軒地下1號舖 (I took bus 11D from Lok Fu Bus Interchange, which is just right opposite Lok Fu MTR Station. Alight at the stop that says “Regal Oriental Hotel”. Happy exploring Kowloon City! TONS OF FOOD TO TRY THERE.)
withaneasymindsays… I went all the way to Kowloon City just to eat this because I tried it several times over the past few years. Pretty obvious how good it is right? Due to limited stomach storage capacity, I only ate the waffle, siew mai and curry fishballs this time round. The waffles are REALLY GOOD. Siew mai and curry fishballs aren’t too bad either, but that good too. Give the fun-gor (粉果) a try if you like! Pretty big and fulfilling in my opinion.

Now for a cooling drink in this blistering heat and horrid humidity…

Awesome way to quench your thirst while walking around 花园街 and女人街!


Location: They have A LOT OF BRANCHES (here).

withaneasymind says… A must eat every time I go back to Hong Kong, regardless of whether it is summer or winter! The milky coconut milk blended with crushed ice really refreshes you. The thick texture of the drink and light milky taste from the evaporated milk makes it hard to stop once you have taken a sip. And there it goes, gone in a moment!

Introducing… my latest addiction!

egg tart

Mr. Egg Tarts!

Most bakeries in Hong Kong sell egg tarts, but not all of them make hot, yummy and smooth egg tarts… Having gone a craze over egg tarts this time I went back, I tried a conspicuous amount of egg tarts (here and there)…

My ultimate fave egg tarts reside here!


Location: TOO MANY TO MENTION! SO… I’m just going to give you the link to find the nearest outlet (here).

withaneasymind says… Best of the best I have tried, this year, last year, and the past many years. There are two types of crust for the egg tart, puff crust and cookie crust. My advice would be to try both since both are equally awesome in my opinion. The puff crust is flaky, having an overall lighter feel while the cookie crust is much denser, having a more buttery taste to it.  They also sell an assortment of other Hong Kong pastries and desserts, usually available in packs.

Shopping time to burn off some calories!

Exhibition of some Japanese animation (which I have no idea what it is called, oops!) in Tsim Sha Tsui.r1

 Location: The One Shopping Centre, 100 Nathan Road. (Tsuen Wan Line: Tsim Sha Tsui Station Exit B1)

withaneasymind says… Nice place to avoid the blistering summer heat! They also have a variety of exhibitions in the mall throughout the year, at different periods of the year. Worth dropping by if you are in the vicinity. The One has a good amount of fashion retail shops, small boutiques and unique restaurants on the higher levels offering a picturesque view of the surrounding landscape. I’ve been one of those restaurants a while back and I shall post the photo in a separate post once I have dug it up.

Happy times never last long (even though I have been on break for more than half a year before college starts)… AND it’s time to say goodbye.

I have a whole lot more of pictures that I have taken in Hong Kong which I shan’t attempt to squeeze in here (or it will get painful to read!) so watch out for my upcoming posts! One picture a day from my Hong Kong travels.

So it’s goodbye for now and I will see you soon, Hong Kong!




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