Business School: Week 7

Dear Amanda,

Congrats on surviving till the 7th week in Business School, Amanda. I am so proud of you.

You know that your life has been almost permanently wrecked when you spend the whole of your study break week rushing out reports after reports, projects after projects.

Alas, you have finished 5 out of the 7 assignments you have in 1 week.

I would like to present an award of commendation to your body for surving on 5 hours or less of sleep a day for the past 5 days before collapsing like a dead body last night. Indeed, well done.

Now you must be wondering why you applied and went for Business School in the first place. Because it isn’t the first choice of yours anyway. Because you couldn’t get into medical school. Because life sucks and we all know it.

Why didn’t anyone tell you Business School was this tiring in the first place? Because people think that only Law and  Medicine School is tough? But more probably, because they don’t care. And becuase they don’t care, life feels so much easier and a breeze for them.

Throw away your first class honours? DREAM ON. If you can’t get into Medical School now, you have to get into Postgraduate Medical School. And if all else fails? Being a rich banker doesn’t sound too bad too…

So while the others go clubbing, you can enjoy an intimate sexy session with your textbooks, assignments and lecture notes~ Just exactly how cool is that?

That being said, we will try our very best to keep you within the sane mental range and not drop dead in some pitch black hole called your mind.

Stay sound,
Amanda’s brain


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