It’s time to start praying for a DBSK reunion

2 Oct 2015 must have been every Yunjae fan’s wish come true.

They hugged.

They talked.

They were at the same event.

Prayers for a Yunjae reunion have finally been answered… like serious, may god bless the Korean army.

*overflowing bucket of feels*

Smiled like an idiot most of today, spammed whatsapp, line and kakao chats with yunjae pics. Cheek cramps = the inevitable but sure worth the pain.

Me when I first saw the news:


In essence:

All ot5 fans: YUNJAE~

Yunjae fans: YUNJAE~

Kpop fans (maybe?): YUNJAE~


This year sure is an awesome one for SME, considering how they didnt want JYJ and TVXQ to appear in the same sentence BUT news had them in the same line ANYWAYS.

Now Yunjae is back. IN YOUR FACEEEEE SM.





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