Week 10 in Business School – Not as glam as you think.

Hey everyone! As you can tell from my infrequent posts, life has been a bed of roses thorns.

Since the recess week, which is technically not a recess week, I have been sleeping at almost 2am every night. Busy with just something. Marketing projects. Communications reports. Decision sciences projects. Projects. Projects. More projects.

I think they should not call us BBA students. BPM sounds more suitable.

Bachelor of (endless) Projects Management.

The strange thing is that people have this false conception that Business Students enjoy themselves in school and uni is a breeze for them. Some think that business school is all about socialising and lacks active involvement of the brain. Sure, if you wish to just scrape through university. Again, misconceptions that we have to clear.

Seriously. Business school is not as fun as what people perceive it to be. You will understand what I mean when you are simultaneously handling 5 projects with deadlines within a one week gap from each other. Not fun.

I try as much as I can not to let my own frustrations get in the way of writing objectively but seriously, it is frustrating to explain what you are going though to people one by one.

Just that day while in the toilet, I met my neighbours who are living in the dorm unit next to mine and they were complaining about how Arts students are dying from the amount of projects they have.

And so I asked, “How many projects are you doing?” “2! So tiring!”

Maybe you should try business school instead. 8 projects and 4 reports.

To be fair, maybe Arts students think that they have too much projects to handle since they have essays to write. But before you outright rebut my statement that Business school is tough (too), think about our workload. Business school is not all about the glam and fun. The bell curve is very steep and competition is stiff .

There are of course subjects out there that are tougher than Business School. So to those who are studying those subjects, I feel you. I really do.

Getting into a university is tough. Graduating is not that tough. Graduating with a First Class Honours is tough. I don’t think anyone can dispute this fact. And for me who strives to be the best of my abilities, I won’t settle for mediocrity.

Maybe it is self-imposed stress afterall..


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  1. evachanging says:

    Helloo Amanda, I know that biz is never easy. Uni life is not easy. Life itself is not easy lol. But you are right that everyone strives hard because nobody wants to settle in the average class.
    Its quite intimidating…the assignments and projects they give, jus for u to earn that cert and a bright future. But alas, hard work will surely pay off, dont get too burnt out, take care:)


    1. How sweet of you to leave me a comment! Thank you😉~ But yeah, life isn’t easy to begin with… Hope you are doing fine in school!

      Liked by 1 person

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