Food Hunt: I’ve been craving this all week

Hello folks!

I’m back with pictures from my breakfast – local Indian food.



In my opinion, Thosai is acquired taste. The first few mouthfuls of it were fine, but they started getting a little too sour for my liking. An interesting first time experience for me.

FYI, the “dough” used for thosai is leavened thereby creating the sour taste (from fermentation).

thosai 2

Next up, Prata! The one I have been craving all week…


Prata has a slightly chewy texture but crispy at the same time if you have it while its hot. It’s basically fried pancake mainly made of flour and ghee that is cooked over a flat grill. Usually served with 2 types of curry, but I have chosen to add sugar as a topping.

462 calories for 2 pieces and a serving of curry.

A little on the high side but surely worth my calories 😉


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