Business School Week 12: There are two kinds of students…

There are two kinds of students…
1. The kind who wakes up 1h in advance and dresses up like they are attending a fashion show or something. Going all out to impress with their style and whatnot.

2. The kind who really doesn’t give a damn about it. How about first impressions? Nah. Not really.

Any guesses which one of the two I am?
*Hint: My hair is in a messy bun, wearing a too-large-for-my-size t shirt and jeans*

Pretty obvious isn’t it? I really don’t put my heart and soul into dressing up for school. Sorry folks, but I’m here to seek knowledge, not participate in some beauty pageant. Sure, I do dress neatly when I am required to – formal events, presentations, projects etc. I have my share of formal business wear and semi formal clothing. But I just really dont see the point in dressing to the nines just for the sake of going to school. Sorry, no.

And so you might think “Ah, she’s that loner and emo kid in class” blah blah blah.

Not really… For your information, standing at 1.67m, I’m easily one of the tallest girls you can find in class and I have been asked a number of times a why I haven’t gotten myself attached – internship seniors, friends, classmates etc. Because I don’t want to.

And as my friend once said:

Guys come forward and show interest but before they can do anything, you “kick” and shoo them away.

Perhaps it is the prevalent mindset and almost the “norm” to get a boyfriend (for the girls) in university, therefore the need to dress to impress attract… But no. Not for me. And I hate that people think you are weird if you don’t have a crush/boyfriend/eyecandy WHATEVER by the time you are 19. You want an example? You have me.
Never attached, never hoping to get attached and never going to be attached.
UPDATE: Unless its Tohoshinki.

Please don’t tell me my life will not be complete without having a relationship at least once in my whole lifetime. How about I tell you that your life will never be complete without trying all the good food in the world, living in luxury and enjoying life without any financial worries?

See, we have different priorities.

Grades are important to me.
A great career is important to me.
An awesome pay is important to me.
A lifestyle worth envy is important to me.
(Essentially why I am doing a business degree *cough*)
And the only thing that will make the pay and lifestyle worth envy part less important to me is when I do what I truly love – getting into medical school and becoming a doctor (which is why grades are important for me).

So please stop telling me to dress nicely for school or I will never get a boyfriend. Thanks, but I don’t need a guy or a relationship to make my life complete. My life can be equally complete, if not more than complete, without a boyfriend.

However, do note that my day will not be complete if I had to spend 1h just to doll myself up for school and as a result, sacrifice an hour of study or sleep. Sorry guys, you aren’t worth the trouble.

End of massive rant. (Argh the person who made that hilarious statement today.)

Bye peeps!


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