Day 1 in Bangkok 2015!

I said I will return, didn’t I? And I’m back in Bangkok again 😉

Its my first day here and needless to say, I am already enjoying my time here…

Bye Singapore…


(my in-flight meal – Seafood meal sfml from Singapore Airlines) Optimized-bkk2

The fish was honestly under expectations… I would have expected the fish to be more tender but it came out pretty tough and overcooked in my opinion. The potatoes were fine though, seasoned just right!

And hello Bangkok! We took the train from the airport to the city area to avoid the possible jams on the roads. And the train service brought us to our destination pretty quick – and that is Nana BTS Station.

On our 1km walk to the hotel from the BTS Nana Station:


And, nope, we aren’t staying at Salil Hotel. We are back at President Solitaire hotel 😉 Different type of suite this time.

Always wanted to try the local street food sooooooo finally had the chance when we stopped by these pushcarts along Sukhumvit Soi 11 (BTS Nana Exit 4). Apart from bars and pubs, there are quite a number of street food vendors in the area. So if your tummy is up for the challenge, do try out these street food stalls. Cheap and yummy awesome.

BTS Nana Station is actually of a walkable distance from BTS Asok, which is where Terminal 21 – one of my favourite malls of all time – is located. The shopping is good, the food and prices are even  better.

Spent less than 200 baht on all these!!!

And that’s all from me for the past 6 hours in Bangkok (for now!).

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