Red is TVXQ. Orange is Shinhwa.

red ocean.png

The reason why some of us are pissed at the idea of iKON using TVXQ’s red colour as their fan colour is because red is almost synonymous with TVXQ (in the Kpop industry etc). And its interesting how this happens when TVXQ is on a hiatus right now.

TVXQ’s red ocean signifies their hard work over the years. The red ocean signifies their struggles and eventual breakthroughs over the course of their hard work. The red ocean was a result of TVXQ’s continuous efforts, and certainly not overnight.

And I most certainly think you cannot overlook the meaning of red for us TVXQ fans. Red is not just a colour to us, or at least me.

The thing about iKON using red as a fan colour is that it feels as though you are snatching our identity away. It sure is easy to use a colour of an established fandom but that surely entails lots of problems. How are we going to tell our fandoms apart during large concerts? Red and red. How do we know whether some fans from the newer fandom will claim TVXQ’s red ocean as theirs? Again, red and red.

If you realise, this isn’t the first time fans from older fandoms are complaining that newer groups are using their fan colours. I shall not quote examples here, but do a search on Google and I’m pretty sure you will find a good number of examples. What I’m trying to say here is that fan colours are not just colours to fans in that particular fandom. It embodies them. It represents them. That’s their pride and soul.

So before people start hurling attacks saying “fan colour is but just a colour”, maybe you could put yourself into our shoes and think… For an established fandom of close to 12 years, using their fan colour as yours, do you think it is acceptable?

My answer is no.

There a million colours out there. Go pick something and build your own fan ocean out of it. While iKON (or YG for that matter) might have chosen red to aspire to be as widely sucessful as TVXQ, I think it is basic courtesy you create your own unique fan ocean instead of replicating it.

This fan colour issue of iKON at one go has outraged both Shinhwa and TVXQ fans. Both have established fandoms, Shinhwa’s fandom existed even longer than TVXQ’s. And if fans from both fandoms are making noise already, maybe its time you think twice about your colour selection.

Source: 10asia via Daum

“Junior-nims, orange is a color that has belonged to Shinhwa Changjo since 1998. If possible, please avoid using the color orange. See you when we promote next year. From Shinhwa’s Eric.”

Even Shinhwa’s Eric has responded in line with this issue.

You don’t even have to be a fan of TVXQ or Shinhwa to know that the colours red and orange belong to their fandom (respectively)!!!

Bottom line: Red is TVXQ. Orange is Shinhwa.

(And the only other group allowed to use red, in my opinion, is JYJ. Isn’t that why the font on the JYJ logo is red? And I see no problem for that one.)


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