Bangkok 2015: Day 2

It’s been a long time since I came back from Bangkok, but I never really found time to sit down and edit these pictures before making the post. And since Christmas is drawing close, I finally get to sit down with a piece of mind and get this done!

Day 2 in Bangkok was devoted to shopping and eating. That’s basically it.

So our hotel, President Solitaire Hotel and Spa is located at Sukhumvit Soi 11, which is about a 15min walk away from a local pier where “speedboats” transport commuters along this pretty narrow canal.

Note: The waters are NOT clean at all. It definitely has been some time since they done a clean up and it reeks of a salty and unpleasant smell.

Still, its the fastest way for us to get to the Pratunam area! And at 15 baht per person, I guess you can’t really complain much. And that’s the pier!


Interestingly, the fare collector(s) will cling on to the sides of the speedboat throughout the journey and walk down the boat to collect fares from the passengers. Really dangerous considering they don’t have any safety floats worn…

The commuters too are interesting! I saw a couple of ladies sporting stilettos and standing on the outside of the speedboat (on that little wooden board/platform) before the boat even docked. Must have had lots of experience jumping up and down these speedboats over the years!

After reaching Pratunam Pier, there is this hawker area where small stalls congregate to serve the needs of the hungry commuters. Just along the walkway leading you out of the Pier. Cheap cheap food!


For the incredibly hungry folks, better order more than 1 serving! The bowl of noodles are rather small in size.

Onward to Platinum Fashion Mall!

Its about a 10 minute walk away from the Pier and you will either have to jaywalk across the road or take the bridge a distance away. The mall is right below Novotel!

One of the places in Bangkok which I love the most is definitely Platinum Fashion Mall. Cheap clothes, plenty of stalls and decent crowd on most days except the weekends. There is Mall 1, Mall 2 and Mall 3.

My personal favourite is Mall 2 though, since there are mall stalls there and the there are a greater variety of designs! Prepare to shop till you drop!


Food from the food court at Platinum Fashion Mall (above).

We had dinner at MK Restaurant, which is everywhere in Bangkok actually. Look at those delicious juicy roasted ducks~


Hotpot dinner at MK Restaurant (above)! Yum yum.

Well, after that, we headed back to the hotel. Trust me, after the intense shopping at Platinum Fashion Mall, you won’t be able to take any more walking later on in the day.

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