Bangkok 2015: Day 4

Woot! This took me shorter time than I expected.

Day 4 of my 2015 Bangkok trip – EM District and Mookata buffet dinner at Victory Monument.

We started off the day shopping at Naraya, a local handbag/accessories chain store, which I would say is pretty famous among tourists.No pictures for this shop since I think they don’t allow people to take pictures in there. I would say the bags are pretty affordable and durable, having used one of the bags bought there for 3 consecutive years and showing no sign of giving way as of now.

How to get to Naraya Phrom Phong:

Its directly below Phrom Phong BTS Station Exit 4 and located next to The Emporium shopping mall. Take the stairs leading down to the ground level (from the BTS Station) and you should see Naraya just right in front of you.

Phrom Phong BTS Station used to have this one luxury shopping mall called The Emporium, which today has evolved into a shopping district selling more branded goods. And maybe some nice snacks, which are kind of costly.


The EM District boasts 2 brand new malls, The Emporium (which has been renovated a while back in 2014) and The Emquartier. I was joking with my sister that this is the place I should aim to shop at in Bangkok when I become rich in the future (but no, that’s because I haven’t see the other luxury malls in Bangkok yet – see subsequent posts). This place is a stark contrast to the cluttered and messy outlook of Platinum Fashion Mall, where folks who face a budget constraint can shop at ease for clothes. The whole outlook is different, the type of stores are different and more importantly, the atmosphere is different.

For the sake of saving baggage space when traveling, I usually pack shorts and T shirts when I travel. And because Bangkok is so humid, I even brought some sleeveless casual blouses along. Reeeally casual. Now imagine my shock when I saw some people dressing to the nines and shopping at the EM District… I sort of wanted to jump into a whole lol. It’s not that I don’t want to dress nicely, it’s just that I doubt it is logically feasible for me to pack heels, nice dresses and a handbag so that I can shop in a more classy fashion. And fyi, I  highly doubt you can stand walking 15km a day at least, in high heels without wanting to kill yourself after 5km of shopping. Nope, not gonna do that.

Anyway, the EM District is a pretty cool place to shop at, look around and enjoy the aircon, taking a break from the blistering heat and humidity of Bangkok even in December.

As you know, I eat ALL THE TIME. Which is why even though I knew I would have nothing to buy there, I still made an effort to lift my butt off the chair and visit the EM District. Fooood.


Firstly, you NEED to visit BAKE Cheese Tart. Goodness… I can’t tell you how much I love the cheese tart. The creamy cheesy flavour, smooth cheese filling that leaves you wanting more and the tart pastry made buttery and not too oily… I love the cheese tart. Pretty costly compared to the average food you can get in Bangkok, I think it was about 80THB. Worth eating if you love cheese and have never tried these semi-baked cheese tarts (currently the craze in Japan and Hong Kong I think).


Next off, we visited the food court at Emquartier mall. The food there is reasonable by our standards, but definitely not by the standard in Bangkok. Should be quite costly for the locals. Food there costs at least 80-90 THB on average, which is almost double the price at most other food courts/places in Bangkok. A good variety of food I would say. However, I wouldn’t guarantee that the food is good. My sister tried their Sukiyaki dish and it was ok-ish, nothing too special but tasted fine. My mum and I tried the Pad Thai and Fried Tanghoon, which tasted lower than average. Really disappointing considering that we paid a good amount for it. The Pad Thai was not warm enough, the sauce was waaaaaaaay too sweet and the portion was miserable. Same goes for the Fried Tanghoon, same ingredients, just different noodles used. The crispy noodle that my dad had was the best among all that we ordered.


Just a suggestion: If you are hungry, perhaps you could try some of the restaurants around there? Or those restaurants below Phrom Phong BTS Station? I would definitely do that the next time I visit Bangkok. Let me know if you have tried any nice food stalls/restaurants in that area so I can try them out the next time I visit.

Lastly, don’t forget to drop by the supermarket there because its AWESOMEEEEE.


My sister was reading online recommendations and saw that there was this Golden Fish Mookata Buffet at Victory Monument. At THB139 per person, we thought it was really cheap and worth a try.

We took the BTS to Victory Monument Station and used the map that the website had recommended. Seriously, it was a mistake. They said to walk out of the mall via the exit near the cinema and go straight for about 5 mins. We should then see this huge dining place which is apparently popular among locals. We search high and low, moved back and forth several times and never found what we wanted. All we saw were backyards and small stalls situated along the alley next to the mall. Thankfully, my sister had a backup plan and there was this other Mookata place that we could have dinner at. Used the directions leading to that other Mookata place and guess what? We found the original stall we wanted at the location of the other stall… =.=|||

No one showed us the way in even though there we people standing in front of the stall (who I suppose are waiters) but oh well. Found a seat and sat down. Was kind of put off by the whole decoration and atmosphere of the place. The furniture was visibly old and dirty – the table was not too stable and slanted towards one side; the table had a funny smell which i suppose is dirt accumulated over time; the surface is a little wet and sticky (it’s made of wood btw). God.

Went off to get the food. I must say there was a pretty decent spread of meat at first glance. Pork, chicken and beef i think. Plenty choices of vegetables and sides like fried rice, toast bread (like why?), steamed buns of all kinds and ice cream.

So you are supposed to dump the meat on top of this semi-spherical surface which is the stove and wait for the meat to cook. The circumference of this dome shaped thing is like a shallow hot pot. Except too narrow and too shallow.


The meat took 10000000 years to cook and by the time I could eat the meat, I think I already ate a ton of other stuff like buns, fried rice etc. The fried rice btw tastes like fried rice without any seasoning, any topping and just red food colouring. The whole heating area of the stove is just so weak it cannot cook the meat to beyond the point of just-cookedness. If you want to achieve the Korean BBQ-burnt effect, you might need to wait for a whole hour. That’s how bad it is. I saw some other travelers saying their grill/stove was quite fast at heating up. Not sure about that but the few tables around us seem to take while to cook their meat too…

The meat was tough and tasteless even though there was seasoning. I don’t know why too.

And the worst decision of the day came when we were asked if we wanted drinks. We wanted soda, like the sweet fizzy drink along the lines of Sprite or 7-up. We got SODA WATER instead! Well done for drinking carbonated seawater and surviving! I tasted soooooooo horrible I had to add sugar granules in. And even after adding that it, it still tasted crappy. Yuck.

Thank heavens dinner was over in close to 1 hour because none of us wanted any more.

Here’s the location:

Pla Tong Mookata.
Near Century The Movie Plaza.
1 min walk from Victory Monument BTS Station. Situated on Phaya Thai Road. Next to Eat Am Are restaurant.

And of course we had supper after that – instant noodles MAMA in the hotel room that is.

So that concludes day 4 in Bangkok – eating wonderful snacks and a horrible dinner.

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