Bangkok 2015: Day 5, 6 and 7

This shall be my first mega post ever!!


On Day 5, we visited the Central World district, which is located near Chidlom BTS Station. The shopping malls are very prominent even from the BTS Station so I guess you shouldn’t need any help in getting there.

The Central World district houses several malls that sell all things expensive, meaning branded and luxury goods. Again clad in my shorts and t-shirt, I explored these few expensive-looking malls just for the fun of it.

The departmental store in Central World, however, does offer a limited but good selection of affordably-priced items. Take for example the shoes section. I found a couple of stilettos that were priced around SGSD40-55, which is the average price we pay here for a decent quality shoe (from departmental store). No shopping luck for me though, partly due to my “bigfoot problem. (I’m wearing a size 8, 245mm shoe size)

Nonetheless, shoe shopping and trying is always fun! Sales assistants there were more than willing to help you and I was surprised that the lady serving me didn’t get pissed off when I decided not to buy any. Such difference in sales attitudes there and here…

My love for Mickey Mouse ~ ❤

It was about 3 weeks before Christmas when I visited Central World, so the Christmas decorations were up already. Last year, the theme was Snoopy/Peanuts. This year, its Disney Tsum Tsum!



Easter time?

Central World also had some art displays the time I was there. Beautifully hand-painted elephants~ (click on the here to see more pictures!)

Very intricately designed and beautifully handpainted elephant sculptures!

Gaysorn shopping mall was just round the corner so we decided to check that mall out… And whoa. I think that’s the most “posh” mall I have seen in Bangkok so far. Gaysorn is so luxurious the mall is almost empty. Lol. They house luxury brands and nothing less. Security guards dressed in suits are stationed at the entrance, to open the doors and bow when you enter… Such luxury~ I promise to shop there when I’m rich. Which is probably gonna be like 10 years later or something haha.

Because walking to Gaysorn and blank staring at all the high-end goods burned up so many calories, my tummy craved for some attention. Off to Sala Daeng for dinner! We went there last by accident last year and found this suuuuper good restaurant, Bangkok Shokudo. Total must-try.


It’s a Japanese-Thai Restaurant and the food there is just so delicious, and this is what sets it apart from the many other restaurants that I have tried in Bangkok. You can read my review of the restaurant here. bangkok-shokudo2


Post dinner snack:
We also tried the famous Milk Tea at one of the BTS Stations (which I forgot ><) but they have quite a number of branches in Bangkok! Just search “Cha Tra Mue Thai Milk Tea” and find the branch located closest to you!

Update (25/7/16): They have opened a branch in Singapore!!! It’s at the Tanjong Pagar Xchage “mall”.


I’ve tried a good amount of Thai Milk Tea in Thailand and needless to say, this is the best. Thai Milk Tea is a very sweet beverage, so when making it, it is important for the sweetness/condensed milk not to overpower the fragrance of the tea leaves. The tea leaves have that distinct aroma that you probably cannot find in any other milk tea you try 😉

They also have takeaway packs for you to make them on your own at home (basic ingredients provided). No pictures were allowed so I could only capture this from a distance away.



Pretty chill day. We went back to Terminal 21 for the nth time because the stalls and food there seduced us. Usually, one visit to Terminal 21 will not suffice. It takes us at least 2 trips to get all the stuff that we want. 😛


Here’s another restaurant that I want to recommend: Bangrak Cafe. You can find more pictures and my detailed review here. It’s slightly pricier than Bangkok Shokudo, so folks who are not on a tight budget might wanna give this a shot! (Sneak peek: The fried rice is good.)


Supper: Lumphini Park – night food market?


You will find an assortment of Thai street food here, priced very reasonably. A perfect spot for you to fill up the remaining stomach space you have after dinner! It’s walking distance from Bangrak Cafe (about 7 mins or so).





Last day in Bangkok! A heavier tummy and luggage, a lighter wallet and pocket…

I must say that I really enjoyed myself throughout the 7 days, the longest time I have been in Thailand! There is so much more left to explore and eat beyond Bangkok, but that is as far as my schedule allows me to go…

Since my flight was in the morning, we just conveniently cab-ed out to the airport, which costed us about 20SGD. You can ask the hotel to do the cab booking for you, but always remember to negotiate the price before hopping on! (Read: taking taxis in Thailand 101)

See you again soon, Bangkok!

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