Food Hunt: Kaki Bukit Blk 511 Hawker Centre

Dinner last Sunday was at Kaki Bukit Block 511 Hawker Centre (because my neighbourhood’s hawker centres are too few and too bleh tasting).

I’ve actually been here many years ago. And by many I mean 8 years ago. Back then, because this place was rather inaccessible from our old apartment, we had to rely on a relative to drive us there when they happen to be going there for dinner. That was when I was 10. Fast forward 8 years later, I tried to recall that hawker centre because my relative is now living further away from us (no free rides) and I now am able to read maps decently well *flicks hair*.

Back to food.

I remembered clearly that there was this one stall that made fantastic Sambal Prawn Rice. Unbeatable and undefeated even after so many years. Finally hunted this down on google maps.

Wu Xiang (五香) – $4.30
Review: Well-fried and most importantly, the sauce was good. I waited for 30mins (which apparently is short compared to the others behind me) and no regrets!

Sambal Stingray – $12
Review: The sambal sauce was hot and thick. Stingray was slightly burnt but nonetheless good. For those who can’t eat spicy food, stand by a bottle of water!

Sambal Prawns Rice – $4.80
Review: My eternal favourite sambal prawn rice~ Compared to the other sambal sauces out there that are way too sweet and not hot enough, this stall’s sambal is spicy (mildly hot for me) and not sickeningly sweet. You will be back for more…

Satay – $5.50
Review: The sauce was good, but it didn’t have minced pineapples inside. I love minced pineapples in my peanut sauce because it makes the thick and heavy sauce a little more refreshing. Too bad. The meat was tender and well marinated. Overall, it was good. Note that we ordered pork satay sticks only, so I can’t say the same for the beef and chicken sticks.

How to get there:
Bedok North Street 3 Block 511 Market And Food Centre


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