Christmas Eve Dinner 2015

Lol, that was 2 weeks ago…

We celebrate Christmas with out newly bought grill pan (we bought it on that day itself) and converted our prior plans into a mini BBQ session.



And because the prawns were cooking way too quickly together with the bacon slices, we decided to make a “hamburger” by stacking them on top of each other.

Potato, Bacon, Prawns, Mushrooms then top it off with some onions!

In the end, the potatoes had grill lines/marks on them from the weight of the other ingredients stacked on top of it. Potatoes with bacon aroma~!


And that’s our pork chop (converted from pan frying into grilling)!

Oreo cheesecake~

Not too cheesy in taste compared to the other cheesecakes that I have made, probably because the ratio of cream cheese to whipped dairy cream is 1:1. Nonetheless, its super smooth and creamy in texture, a little sour from the lemon juice I added. Oreo base was super awesome. I’m going to make the oreo base without the cheese layer real soon.

The oreo base is just oreo (crushed) and melted butter mixed then flattened in a baking tin/tray of your choice. For the lazy folks, use the food processor instead. Just dump the whole lot of oreo cookies in and pulse till you get a powdery texture 😉



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