New Year’s Day 2016

First post for the year of 2016! But not the first post in 2016.

New Year’s Day was the last day where there were free rides on the Downtown Line so my sister and I thought it would be nice to travel around Singapore for free (since we had nothing to do on New Year’s Day)…

First stop was Telok Ayer station. Amoy Street Food Centre is a famous hawker centre that is located somewhere off Telok Ayer station. It took us some 15mins or so to reach the hawker centre. Along the roads there were double storey old style shophouses which have been preserved and underwent adaptive reuse. They now house small stores, restaurants, bars and many others.


Finally reached Amoy Street Food Centre only to realise 99% of the stalls were closed because it was New Year’s Eve (public holiday). There aren’t as many closed stalls on Christmas and Christmas Eve so… just my luck.

Thankfully, one of the famous Char Kuay Teow stalls was still open.20160101_124352.jpg-1

Review: The char kuay teow was slightly sweet from the sweet sauce used and very fragrant from the oil used (I assume it’s pork lard). The kuay teow is also neither too wet nor too dry, just enough gravvy/sauce to keep the noodles moist and tasty while eating. Some people prefer their Char Kuay Teow on the sweeter side, so if that’s the case, you might not like this as much as I did.(Try adding in the lime too!)

Other than that, mmmm, everything I want in a plate of savoury char kuay teow~ It’s really good and I’m intending to return in a few weeks for this char kuay teow and other hawker food at Amoy Street 🙂

(Opposite the POSB ATM)
Amoy Street Food Centre

Ann Siang Hill (so short it doesn’t feel like a hill) was round the corner so we used the sheltered walkway to walk over to Chinatown.


Chinatown hawker centres, on the other hand, were all open (but were flooded with people). NO SEATS AT ALL. PACKED EVERYWHERE. To cater to the tourists I guess…

There was nothing much to see there so we left via the Downtown Line for other stations.

Beauty World is one of the newest stations on the Downtown Line. Out of curiosity and boredom, we decided to check that station out.20160101_142924.jpg-1

All that was there was an old mall (reallyyyyyyyy old). And housing estates. And a few food stalls/shophouses on the opposite side of the road. It was good that we visited this place then since the train fares were voided. Definitely not worth the ~SGD2 train fare (from where I live) to visit this station.

We tried a bunch of other stations on the Downtown line, all to out disappointment because there was nothing significant worth seeing there, before heading over to Bugis station for tea snacks and dinner.

We visited 糖水先 on Liang Seah Street.


It is a small dessert shop located next to 记得吃 (another dessert shop).  糖水先 sells mainly icy desserts (snow ice, shaved ice etc). However, they also have a list of other types of desserts such as beancurd, tang yuan, chinese desserts (杏仁糊,芝麻糊etc), pancakes so on and so forth.

The menu are pasted on the tables already so it’s really convenient.

Some of the most popular/signature desserts include Durian Shaved Ice and Durian Snow Ice. We weren’t really in the mood for durian so we decided to try their Matcha Red Bean Snow Ice (5.90SGD).

The matcha flavour was distinct and had a tinge of creamy taste to it. The portion was huge, needless to say. Red bean and nata de coco toppings were also provided in generous quantities.

Pretty awesome in my opinion!


The stall on Lian Seah Street we wanted to try for dinner was closed as well so we set off for City Hall station, which was just a walking distance away.

The Jason’s Marketplace is one of my favourite supermarkets in Singapore simply because the food presentation there is excellent and the variety is greater than most other supermarkets (NTUC, Cold Storage)!


The salad counter just had some ingredients restocked so we decided to try that for dinner!

Romaine vegetables with egg, pumpkin and mixed seeds. We selected the Asian salad dressing to finish off this box of salad. You can also choose to add on other toppings at an additional price, price varies based on the additional toppings selected. Otherwise, a “basic package” consisting of one main veg, 3 other toppings and one serving of salad dressing would cost you SGD4.95.

It is apparently also available at selected Cold Storage outlets 🙂20160101_200248.jpg-1


We loved the Asian salad dressing~ ❤

QQ Rice was just right outside Cold Storage so we grabbed a large-sized QQ Rice (prepacked). They have a few flavours there, some are vegetarian too!

That was actually my second time trying QQ rice. I personally did not enjoy this as much as the other flavour with chicken slices since the peanuts in the rice ball triangle was quite distracting. Lots and lots of chewing because of the ikan bilis and peanuts… 20160101_200730.jpg-1

And that concludes out “day tour” around Singapore, on the downtown line 🙂


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