Food Hunt: Tonkotsu Kazan (豚骨火山)

Well, well. When you I’m released from the school dorm… Mass eating is what happens.

I visited Novena Square 2’s Tonkotsu Kazan for dinner today AND IT WAS FANTABULOUS.

Let’s start from the interior decor:


And the food was just *drools*.

We tried their signature Kazan Ramen, which essentially is handmade ramen cooked in a 300C stone pot, covered with a funnel (look at the red funnels in the picture above). We ordered 3 sets of Kazan ramen: Tomato Cheese Ramen, Seafood Ramen and Shoyu Charsiew (?) Ramen.

That’s the soup broth. Really thick and flavorful, for the Tomato and Shoyu soup broths:


Heating up the ramen~


And yeahhhhh~ That’s when the noodles are ready for eating!

Tomato Cheese Kazan Ramen
Shoyu Charsiew Kazan Ramen
Seafood Salt Broth Kazan Ramen


Gosh, I love the ramen there. Arguably one of the best ramens I’ve ever had. The noodles were really springy , absorbed the goodness of the thick soup broths. The shoyu soup broth and tomato soup broth were just particularly outstanding! It’s perfect with the ramen – you have a mouthful of thick, rich soup surrounding the springy ramen. Mmmmm.

I have my reservations on the seafood salt broth though. The soup was not as thick and flavourful, but it might appeal to those who prefer a lighter soup base. At the end of our meal, it was the seafood soup broth that was most “drinkable”, since it isn’t that heavy. The tomato and shoyu broth was a little too heavy for us towards the end, especially since more than half have already disappeared down our tummies in the course of finishing the ramen.

The gyoza was ok, not fantastic, but not lousy either. The skin was thin and crispy, but nothing outstanding in terms of the fillings/ juiciness of the meat in there.

Will I return? Yes of course. To try the other Kazan ramens! 😉

Note: We ordered the Small size ramens – still turned out to be pretty large in quantity for us. Kazan Ramens come with a complimentary bowl of rice (probably to soak in the remaining soup broth), so do take note!!!


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