I’m semi-back! + Japanese Cheesecake

Just realised how long I’ve abandoned this blog. It’s coming to the end of semester 2 and just bussssssy.

I had a really bad case of food craving last weekend – cheesecake and kimchi fried rice. Shopped and shopped supermarts after supermarts, but I just couldn’t find that Bibigo Kimchi that I used to have. Sooooo… NO KIMCHI FRIED RICE FOR ME 😦

The cheesecake need was overpowering, I ditched my assignments and went cream cheese shopping. I used this recipe from Rasa Malaysia, and I must say it wasn’t too bad at all!

Then again, the outcome was hilarious because I apparently suck at mixing the meringue with the cream cheese mixture. The top of my cheesecake was soft and light, everything you should expect to see in Japanese Cheesecakes. But the bottom… was dense and rich in cream cheese, since the majority of the cheese mix sunk to the bottom. LOL.


That’s all from my “food adventure” last week 😉 I’m still stuck in my tangyuan (汤圆) craze so I’ll probably post about that when I reach home and conduct my routine fridge raid.


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