Food Hunt: Yuhua Food Centre and Market

FINALS ARE OVER! (which means I can finally slack off for 3 months ohhhhhhyeahhhh)

Anyway, my foodie friends and I decided to chill and have some good food right after our finals so we ended up at Yuhua Food Centre and Market.

Unfortunately, 70% of the stalls were CLOSED on that friday evening. LIKE WHY???

We tried the sugar cane juice and carrot cake there, but it was just really average.

The plate carrot cake was pretty dry, both the fried egg and carrot cake lacking moisture. It was also lacking in the sweetness which the Black Fried Carrot Cake should distinctly have. While the portion given was considerably large for $2.50, I personally would not go back for that again. 😦 There are much better alternatives out there.

The sugar cane juice was not too bad, $1.20 for a big cup. But nothing wonderful about that either.

Yuhua Food Centre and Market - Jurong East

And so the post-exam chill&eat session was a disappointment for all of us lol.


(Stall name) 晶晶

Yuhua Food Centre and Market

254 Jurong East Street 24, Singapore 600254


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