Food Hunt: Xin Wang Hong Kong Cafe

TBH, I try to avoid restaurants that claim to serve Hong Kong food. I mean, why spend that amount of money eating something that tastes nowhere near authentic HK food when I’ll be going back to HK at the end of every year to eat the authentic version?

My friend insisted on having lunch there so, oh well…

Xin Wang Hong Kong Cafe

Boy, I was wrong XD. The food we had day was pretty awesome. Looks can be deceiving huh?

Xin Wang Hong Kong Cafe - Macau Style Grilled Chicken and Dry Noodles
Macau Style Girlled Chicken and Dry Noodles   – SGD 12.90++

Chicken was tender and well-seasoned, served with black pepper sauce (I didn’t like their black pepper sauce). The noodles were mixed with tomato paste (homemade?), not too sweet nor sour. An addicting mix.

One tiny complaint: the noodles… are they instant noodles? I had a hunch that it could be when I was flipping through the menu, but I was still surprised that it was instant noodles. Nonetheless, the noodles were cooked just nice (not too limpy or hard).

Xin Wang Hong Kong Cafe - Prawn Paste Fried Chicken
Prawn Paste Fried Chicken – SGD 6.90++

For those who can’t stand the taste of prawn paste, stay far far away from this. Because this fried chicken is basking in some awesome prawn paste goodness, fragrant from the skin to the meat. The dipping sauce was refreshing, similar to the sweet Thai-style dipping sauces. Otherwise, the fried chicken is best consumed hot, since that’s when the aroma is the strongest and the chicken is most tender.

We stuffed ourselves past our limits with our main courses so we actually brought this back to dorm as tea break snack. Even after a few hours, the chicken was still biteable, albeit tougher than before. The fragrance of the prawn paste seemed to have dissipated as well.

Xin Wang Hong Kong Cafe - Yau Ma Tei Specialty Chicken and Fried Rice
Yau Ma Tei Specialty Chicken and Fried Rice – SGD 12.90++

Absolutely loveeeeeeeed this. The “sweet and sour” sauce drizzled on the chicken was the best thing ever in this dish. The chicken was tender too, very much similar the one mentioned earlier (the only difference is probably the sauce). Really appetizing! 🙂

My personal guess is that the chicken “cutlet” served in both dishes are actually marinated in the same sauces and prepared in the same way, with the only differentiating factor being the sauces that they are ultimately served with. No complaints on that though, since I absolutely love their chicken cutlet!


Many outlets across Singapore, so find them here:


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