Food Hunt: Hougang Blk 105 Food Centre

I’ve heard my mum mention that the Blk 105 Hawker Centre in Hougang has quite a handful of good eats. Today, finally, I got the chance to explore that hawker centre as well as Molly’s Kueh (nearby the hawker centre)!

Frankly speaking, I did not complete my “rounds” at the hawker centre. Hot weather + hungry me = FEED TUMMY ASAP.

Apparently, the Lor Mee here is quite famous (but I didn’t try that today). Instead, I chose to have a hearty bowl of Dry Prawn Mee, from the Beach Road Prawn Mee stall.

The portion was generous. Really generous. Priced at only $3 per bowl, I never expected that.


As a crazy chilli lover, I had to go for the dried prawn mee. It’s a must, somehow. The chilli paste was fragrant, not too sweet nor spicy (at least for me). More importantly, it was not dilute in flavour/taste. I wouldn’t say that it was outstanding, but it fared much better than most prawn mee chilli paste out there. This stall drizzles a hearty spoonful of fried shallot oil and lard (猪油渣)in the sauce, noodles and soup. What beats the crispy, decadent taste of fried shallots and lard pieces? Not to mention, the 2 prawns per bowl of noodles were very fresh too. And not puny in size.


The soup, however, was a slight disappointment. I would have expected to the soup to be much richer in the prawn flavour and sweetness. The soup was slightly on the bland side, so I had to “adjust” the flavour slightly by adding in some soya sauce.

Overall, I would say that the Prawn Noodles were not too bad. Not good enough for me to travel all the way in just to have them, but definitely one of things I would order again should I happen to drop by.

Beach Road Prawn Noodle
Address: Hougang Avenue 1 Block 105 Market/ Hainanese Village Centre, #02-25
Nearest MRT: Hougang/Kovan

Note: I spoiled my taste buds for Prawn Mee since young, because there was this stall in Kallang that sold fantastic prawn mee. One of my favourite eats when I was younger. Awesome thick rich soup and flavourful homemade chilli paste. Sadly, the last time I went back there, the standards fell so much. 😦


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