Food Hunt: Honolulu Cafe

Just in case you haven’t heard of Honolulu Cafe, it’s a Hong Kong Cafe (originated there) that is famous for its egg tarts and other Hong Kong style snacks (in Hong Kong, I mean).

As you might have already guess, I’m pretty chill when I see these cafes. One major reason being the ingredient difference that might cause a disparity between the taste of the original and the “made-in-Singapore” version. I don’t want to waste unnecessary money trying all these when I can get the original version at the end of each year haha.

So me being able to write this review – means that someone actually dragged me in there. My mum.



Polo Buns

To be honest, the appearance of the buns did tempt me a little. Made me go “maybe I should have judged it only after I tried…” on the inside.

Egg Tarts

The egg tarts though… They looked pretty normal to me and I was frankly not as seduced by it as the Polo Buns. I’m an egg tart monster, btw. But they didn’t allow any takeaways for the egg tarts soooooo… too bad.

So now, for the review *drumrolllllllll*:

Polo Bun: I was very disappointed due to my high hopes for it initially. The texture was just meh, not exactly fine, but not coarse either. When eating Polo Buns, I look out for the top crust of the bun. I like it a little sweet with some texture, but this one just tasted homogeneous with the rest of the bun. This is really no where near the AUTHENTIC ones you get in Hong Kong, freshly baked perfection.

To be honest, with such a mediocre Polo Bun, I will never return to try their other dishes and pastries. Not that it’s cheap either. Overall a disappointing Food Hunt trip. 😥



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  1. kawaiipeachgrl says:

    I love ur blog btw! ~♡

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    1. Thank you for following me and reading my posts! I really enjoy reading your posts too (≧ω≦) (*reading in progress*)

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