Food Hunt: Hokkaido Fair 2016 @ Isetan Scotts

The annual Summer Hokkaido Fair is was back! For folks like me who haven’t gotten the chance to travel to Japan, it was probably the best you could get to trying an assortment of local snacks. Snacking there is bound to leave a substantial hole in your pocket, since food there isn’t exactly cheap (and you will just keep buying more and more and more and more and more food).


Hokkaido Fair 8

Custard and Red Bean Manjuu


See those Manjuus up there? Those are awesome. Priced at $1.30 per piece, they are probably the most affordable little snacks you can find at the Summer Hokkaido Fair. The cake itself is super light and kinda fluffy, fillings not too sweet and a perfect match for the cake. Personal favourite is the Custard Manjuu, though the Red Bean version is great too!

Hokkaido Fair 7
Meat Section

This comes from one of the permanent stalls at the Japanese Food Supermarket at the Basement of Isetan Scotts. Didn’t try from this stall.

Hokkaido Fair 6
The Daifuku Mochis look like they landed from Heaven

The mochi stall was not bad too! Too many to choose from, so little budget 😦 Anyways, they are really chewy (not in the rubber band sense) and soft. We tried the Green Tea with Red Bean topping mochi – not disappointed at all! Green tea flavour was evident and fragrant,  At $3.00 a stick (of 3), I thought it was pretty reasonable and a good treat for my tummy.

Hokkaido Fair 1
And more mochis

Hokkaido Fair 4

Somemore mochis

Off to the Ice Cream stall~

Hokkaido Fair 3
Japanese Scooped Ice Cream


Hokkaido Fair 1
Hokkaido Soft Serve Ice Cream
Hokkaido Fair 2
Scooped Ice Cream x 2 (Melon and Strawberry)

The Soft Serve Ice Cream was good, but I didn’t feel that it was worth the $5.00 that we paid. It was milky the way I like it, but… so expensive :'(. Scooped Ice Cream was good as well, slightly on the pricey side so I wouldn’t go for it again…

The other pictures are just from permanent stall at the basement level supermarket!

Hokkaido Fair 10

Sweet Potato Snacks Shop

Hokkaido Fair 9
Mini JJ – Baked cheese goodies

So many Japanese bakeries and snacks there~ It’s officially one of my favourite places to get Japanese bread and cakes 🙂 While you are at Isetan Scotts, don’t forget to drop by Johan Paris for some really cool and freshly baked Japanese Bread (try: Matcha Chocolate Bun) and Chaterise Patisserie for their cakes (try: Strawberry Shortcake)~



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