Food Hunt: Manhatten Fish Market (1 for 1 Promotion)

Manhattan’s Fish Market is now running a 1 for 1 promotion – meaning greedy me must have checked out this good deal. The items on the “1 for 1” changes every week, so the review I’m doing here might be a little outdated (this was from last week).

I would have never thought of trying them out, if not for the promotion (hey, about SGD8 for one plate of fish and chips at a restaurant is a pretty good deal okay).

So now, back on their fish and chip: Salted Egg Fish and Chip.

Just why is everything nowadays salted egg filled or coated??? I get the craze over the Salted Egg Crossaints but er, this is a little too much already. Pretty much all the bakeries I see are pushing out their Salted Egg lines. It’s getting boring.

It’s not that I have never eaten salted eggs. I know they are salty. Everyone knows that like, duh. The following is an example of chasing the craze gone wrong.


Salted Egg Fish and Chips
The saltiest fish and chips of my entire 20 years of living existence. Sososoooo baaaaad.


This friend up here is seriously salty. Like really. It’s as though they took their original fish and chip formula, made the fish and just dumped a load of salted egg sauce on the fish. Not only so, the salted egg sauce is nothing so special. It’s not creamy, its not that smooth, it’s not even super egg-y tasting.

So what did it taste like? Yellow sauce with mild salted egg flavouring and a ton of salt. I kid you not.

I gave up on this dish here about 75% through it – I forced myself to at least eat up half of the second fried fish. My foodie friend gave up at 50%. It’s just so bad. And we had 2 refills of ice water while eating.

That being said, I think the fish and fries were quite decent. The fish was deep fried just nice, retained some good moisture in the generously portioned fish fillet.I loooove thick cut fries (would have loved it even more if there was no Salted Egg sauce but just some simple cheese/nacho sauce instead).

Moral of the story: just don’t try this. I know they have a new promotion for Honey Soy Dory and Chips this week (also 1 for 1), but god no, I’m not gonna even be tempted by it anymore. If I ever do go back, it will be for the ORIGINAL fish and chips. Or maybe their less innovative creations.



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