Food Hunt: Lunch at Fish&Co. !


Not exactly a Food Hunt post, but I had to hunt for that good deal on the internet. I don’t know what I should call this (since I’m not going to review anything here), so let’s keep it as “Food Hunt” for now hahaha. Instead, I thought it will be cool to occasionally share the joy of eating (with my family).


(From left to right, up to down): Crispy Fish Baits (free gift if you post a picture and tag them on Instagram); Peri Peri Fish with Fried Rice and Seasonal Stir-Fried Veggies; Seafood Aglio Olio; Danish Fish and Chips; Restaurant layout.

They have a student lunch promotion, at $10 nett per main course+drinks set. Suuuper worth it! Promotion ends at 5pm daily (remember to check their website to see if the promotion is still on going).

Who doesn’t love cheap and good food?


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