Food Hunt: Gyoza-ya, Modanyaki,Yayoi

I LOVE FOOD TRAILS. Orchard Road (with such a high density of shopping malls and eating places) makes a fantastic place to splurge on food – one of the best things to spend money on.


The Cousin and I met up for skincare and cosmetics shopping, but ended up spending a day eating, eating and eating. Lol. 90% of my outings end up like this.

First stop: ION Orchard


The interior design looked really Japanese-y, plus they had a number of good reviews for their Gyozas. High expectations from them, ya know?


Gyoza-ya 1
Neat sitting areas. Rather empty at about 11am. (who eats lunch at that hour??? ME.)
Gyoza-ya 2
Open kitchen and sitting area

A small but efficient kitchen. Maybe a little too efficient. The katsu don was prepared ridiculously fast, to the extent I had my reservations on whether it was freshly made. Fair enough, the chicken cutlet was hot. But the curry was so lukewarm, you can even feed it to babies. Rice was very lukewarm as well. Nothing special about their curry, just the kind you can get from the Food Court at a maximum of $6.00 per bowl. A very disappointing katsu don.

Gyoza-ya 4
Chicken Katsu Don
Gyoza-ya 3
Clams and prawns ramen

The Clams and Prawns Ramen was much better. Soup was not warm enough, again, super lukewarm. Plenty of clams and a few prawns – not bad for the price we were paying (about $11 I think). However, the broth was good and flavourful, which went well with the ramen and veggies.

We didn’t try the gyozas since none of us were up for it, but instead wanted a filling main course before we moved on to try other snacks in the region. Bad move.

Verdict: Might visit again to try the gyozas, but not anything else.
Location:  #B4-56 ION Orchard Singapore 238801


Shopping burns calories so we started hunting for snacks 2 hours after lunch…

Modanyaki 3
Modanyaki stall at Takashimaya Basement Food Hall

Modanyaki is the “shortened” name for modern okonomiyaki, a variation of the original Okonomiyaki (where noodles do not form the base of the dish). Noodles here are pre-fried and seasoned before added to the freshly made-by-orders modanyaki-s.


Modanyaki 1

One heap of fried noodles

Out of the 5 choices available (Hiroshima Yaki, Tomato sauce, J sauce, Omelette, Cheese with Egg), we chose J sauce. No idea what is J sauce, btw.

Modanyaki 2

Modanyaki in the making…

Modanyaki 4

J Sauce Modanyaki! My camera gets to eat first, as always…


Judging by the number of people in queue, The Cousin and I expected this to be quite good. (I mean, typical Singaporean spirit right? 😉)

The portion of noodles was generous. This would suffice as my lunch, or if split into 2, a really filling afternoon snack. Or maybe I just have a small appetite. Lol. The noodles were not too limp. The seasoning of the noodles on it’s own is not too strong, possibly because the sauces on the egg are meant to be thoroughly mixed in with the noodles. The Cousin didn’t know that and just scooped up whatever was on her side (noodles with a ton of overflowed seasoning). Saaaaalty.

Overall not a bad eat, a worthy one, especially in Central districts such as Orchard Road where even simple snacks cost you a bomb.

Verdict: Will return to try the Hiroshima Yaki and Omelette Modanyaki
Location:#B2-07/72, Ngee Ann City, 391 Orchard Road, 238874


Second time here at Yayoi – a good enough indication that the food here is:
1. Good, and
2. Worth the price you are paying

Yayoi 1
Seats in Yayoi

Again, too early for most people to eat dinner but we were already there – 5 in the evening. We were seduced by the free flow of the imported Japanese rice (if you order their set meal – which isn’t too costly btw). Past experience taught me well – to enter and slowly enjoy your meal with the free flow of fluffy Japanese shortgrain rice.

Yayoi 3
Stir-fried ginger and onion pork set meal

The Cousin and I both ordered the same set meal, so too bad, only one review here haha.

Yayoi 2
Look at the abundance of onions in the dish, soaking up the goodness of the gravvy~

The gravy is really good, fragrant with the onions and other seasonings they used. The onions were not raw, but cooked and retained its  natural sweetness – myyyyyy favouriteeee! A good balance of fat and meat on the pork slices. Not to mention the pork slices also soaked up the gravy real well!

Verdict: One of my favourite place to have dinner at Orchard Road!
Location: 313 Orchard Road, #B3-33/34, Singapore 238895

Somehow or rather, we ended up having Japanese food and snacks for 3 meals hahahaha.


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