Food Hunt: 一品排骨饭 Supreme Pork Chop Rice

Hello!! So many things happened in the past 1 week I barely had time to move around and try out new food… Anyways, here’s another favourite of mine and I finally found some time to go back there again!


They have quite a variety of different noodles and rice sets there, but my personal favourite is their Fried Fish Noodle set! I also have a marginal preference of their Noodle sets over their rice sets, because the rice noodles go really well with the braised meat sauce~

The fish was re-fried when I place my order, so it was piping hot when it reached my mouth… Very crispy on the outside, tender on the inside. The batter is also not too thick, so you can actually taste the huge chunks of fish on the inside. What really surprised me was that there were more than 10 pieces of the fried fish in one plate! Priced at $4.30 per set, it’s definitely more than worth it.

Now, on to the chilli oil. It’s not the conventional chilli oil you can get from supermarkets. I think it’s their homemade formula, a unique taste and fragrance that I still cannot fully break down – it has the faint scent of Mala spices, yet not overpowering and overly spicy for the non-spicy food lovers. If you are worried about the spiciness, just ask them to leave the chilli oil at the side and use it as a dipping sauce.

They have also selected the thicker and chewier version of rice noodles (沙河粉) to go along with the gravvy, which tasted like thickened braised meat sauce (卤汁). They make a great match, because the noodles were not limp and soggy by the time I finished my meal. 🙂


So… Just give it a shot when you are in the Bugis area! It’s an affordable alternative to the overpriced food in foodcourts, especially in town areas.


They are located at the corner of the building, just in front of the traffic junction to Shaw Tower. (if you can spot Subway from that junction, you are at the right place!) It takes about 10 minutes or so of walking from Exit D of Bugis MRT Station.

If you are up for some desserts, there are also a couple of dessert stalls along Liang Seah Street leading to Bugis Junction. Refer to the map below!


#B1-01, Bulkhaul House (67 Beach Rd.)
Singapore 189688

Opening Hours:
Mon–Sat (10:00 AM–8:00 PM)


In town? Why not check Just Dough @ Suntec City out! It’s a walkable distance from here 🙂


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