Mini Haul (?) : Nature Republic Super Aqua Max, Tony Moly Brightening Eye Base and Witch’s Pouch Selfie Perfect Eyebrow


I’ve read a couple of reviews online on how the Nature Republic Super Aqua Max  (combination) is quite good for people with combination skin, so I decided to give it a try! Not to mention that Althea was running a promotion and I got this a cheaper price than most online retailers 🙂


As for the Tony Moly Brightening Eye Base… my dark eye circles make me look like I got punched in the eye. It’s purplish in colour and resembles a bruise… Hopefully this product will do it’s job!

Lastly, Witch’s Pouch Selfie Perfect Eyebrow (pencil? idk.) was purely me being random and wanting to try a new Eyebrow pencil. The price also played a part though… It was selling at SGD6.00 because of that promotion, making it a really worth buy!

Can’t believe I actually spent so much on skincare and makeup this month! O.O I still have another 2 items that I have yet to collect from my friend…


And… that’s all! Thanks for reading 😉


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