Food Hunt: Pizza Hut 1-For-1 Promotion

Hello again! Pizza Hut is running a 1 for 1 Lunch Promotion so I decided to check out this great offer with my foodie buddies 🙂

They have restricted the 1-for-1 menu to one A4 sized menu sheet. Nonetheless, it offered a rather reasonable selection of food (ranging from pizzas to pastas to baked rice and even to platter sets). The price, of course, varies too.

pizza hut one for one.JPG
From Pizza Hut Singapore website

So our order was: Prawns Aglio Oilo (spicy), Spicy Seafood Parchment, Curry Chicken Pie and Mash, and Tropical Dream Pizza (thin crust).

Prawn Aglio Olio


This was quite the disappointment. The pasta while prepared al-dente, lacked flavour and spiciness. It was neither salty not spicy in anyway. Considering that this pasta costs 12.90SGD, I expected better from Pizza Hut. So unless you are up for bland pasta, I strongly advise you against trying this.

Spicy Seafood Parchment pizzahut5

The presentation of this dish was cool. It came wrapped in some greaseproof/parchment paper and a wooden peg, so you had to unwrap it to reveal the contents inside. Plus points for this interesting idea!

And since the dish was just mostly tomato red, I presumed the tomato paste would be great. No – it let me down again. The paste contained chunks of vegetables like onions and tomatoes, but lacked the fragrance and richness a pasta sauce should have.


Its redeeming factor was the generous amount of seafood in that package – there were 2 mussels, some squid and about 4 prawns. All had been cooked just nice and well-seasoned. By the time I tried this, I seriously doubted the “spiciness” standards of Pizza Hut. It was so not spicy at all! One can hardly tell they added any chilli (if any in the first place) into this dish. Chilli-lover me was disappointed…

Curry Chicken Pie and Mash


The curry sauce was a milder version of the Chinese Curry Chicken gravy, in the sense that the flavours were not as overpowering. It’s also thicker than most Chinese curries, which tend to have a slightly watery consistency. Mash potatoes were smooth and the pie was fluffy and flaky.

Nice tasting, but nothing exceptional.

Tropical Dream Pizza


Probably the only right choice we made yesterday. While the appearance resembles Hawaiian Pizzas, the taste was much more refreshing and unique than Hawaiian Pizzas. I would think that Hawaiian Pizzas have a stronger tomato paste flavour, where the ham, cheese and pineapples play an equal role in the overall taste.

This though, was heavy on the pineapples. Think of the pineapples as the star of this pizza, with large chunks of pineapples and pineapple sauce drizzled over the pizza. The pineapples were sweet and light, the cheese and ham blocks complemented it.

I would think that a thin crust is more enjoyable than the thicker crust, but of course, that’s my personal preference. Chomp this down when its hot, because as it cools, the “oil taste” starts to get more distinct!

An overall ok experience. I might return if the promotion is still ongoing, but it’s definitely for the Tropical Dream Pizza!


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