Early Birthday Surprise :)

My besties gave me an early bday surprise yesterday, about one week well ahead of my 20th bday!!! I was only supposed to meet one of them for a planned dinner + community service project but the other one came along unexpectedly~

My bday present!!! Lesson 04 Artist Cube Lipstick by The Face Shop (Shade 13).

Couldn’t wait to try my lipstick out the moment I received it, but I thought it will be cool if I used on my birthday dinner celebration instead! The box indicates a lovely shade of rosy pinkish-red (this description so totally doesn’t help lol).

According to them… “German …something chocolate cake” hahahahaha

The cake was fantastic too! Really thick and fudgy chocolate together with a moist and soft chocolate sponge cake. Happy tummy and happy me.

And supper after the event at J.CO 🙂

This J.CO outlet was the one we visited so many years back, after our national exams when we were 16 years old… So many memories while having the same yogurt we ordered years back, except with the addition of that box of donuts at the back. It has been eight years since we became friends, back when we were just started secondary school. A really amazing thing that we remained close even after so many years (thanks to the frequent foodie sessions and impromptu meetups every now and then) – these are friends I really treasure!! 🙂


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