22-23.01.2018: Air France flight into CDG

I think no one will ever understand what I had on my mind as I prepared to leave Singapore. Too many things happened in the months leading up to it. Mentally, physically and emotionally tired – yet change proved to be stressful too.

Nonetheless, the trip that needed to happen still happened – I flew into Paris Charles de Gaulle airport on 23.01.2018, after a 14 hour flight.

Well, if you understand Mandarin/Cantonese/Chinese, then here are the lyrics that summed up my feelings at that point:

“天氣不似預期 但要走 總要飛  道別不可再等你 不管有沒有機”
-Eason Chan, <>

The flight itself was quite pleasant – staff were reasonably friendly, service was pretty good, food-wise… so-so.

airfrance-meal-1 airfrance-meal-2

These 2 pictures above are from the dinner served onboard. My flight took off at close to 12am, and the meals were served about 2 hours post-departure. There were 2 choices on the dinner menu, chicken with potatoes, OR beef with noodles.

So this is the beef with noodles – noodles, too soggy (quite expected, considering how long before departure they prepared this meal); beef, SO TOUGH. I didn’t finish the beef.

All meals were served with the same sides – salad, fruits, and a passion fruit mousse. The mousse was pretty good! A little colder and it would have been perfect.

Here’s the breakfast, served about 3 hours before landing into CDG in Paris. I found the croissant pretty good! The other bun was just really average.

Inside the box with the aluminium foil lid was sauteed potatoes with eggs – LOVED IT. By far the best thing I had onboard.


In flight entertainment was okay – a good selection of movies and TV shows (I finished all 10 episodes of The Big Bang Theory available onboard hahaha).

First solo flight! Here’s to many more solo adventures in the future 😉


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