Batch 2 Orders: Mailing completed!

Batch 2 of albums mailed out!


Red is TVXQ. Orange is Shinhwa.

TVXQ’s red ocean signifies their hard work over the years. The red ocean signifies their struggles and eventual breakthroughs over the course of their hard work. The red ocean was a result of TVXQ’s continuous efforts, and certainly not overnight.

Changmin Into The Water Subbed

Finally found enough motivation to do this! Let’s all enjoy this awesome song by Changmin, Into the Water. Please show your support for Changmin by purchasing the original album if you have enjoyed this song (I’m pretty sure you will 😉 ) Credits: Amanda Translations: @joeyfly

It’s time to start praying for a DBSK reunion

2 Oct 2015 must have been every Yunjae fan’s wish come true. They hugged. They talked. They were at the same event. Prayers for a Yunjae reunion have finally been answered… like serious, may god bless the Korean army. *overflowing bucket of feels* Smiled like an idiot most of today, spammed whatsapp, line and kakao…