Food Hunt: Manhatten Fish Market (1 for 1 Promotion)

Manhattan’s Fish Market is now running a 1 for 1 promotion – meaning greedy me must have checked out this good deal. The items on the “1 for 1” changes every week, so the review I’m doing here might be a little outdated (this was from last week). I would have never thought of trying…

Food Hunt: Hokkaido Fair 2016 @ Isetan Scotts

The annual Summer Hokkaido Fair is was back! For folks like me who haven’t gotten the chance to travel to Japan, it was probably the best you could get to trying an assortment of local snacks. Snacking there is bound to leave a substantial hole in your pocket, since food there isn’t exactly cheap (and you…

Food Hunt: Honolulu Cafe

Honolulu Cafe is in Singapore! But how does it fare compared to the authentic Hong Kong bakeries in Hong Kong?

Food Hunt: Tonkotsu Kazan (豚骨火山)

Well, well. When you I’m released from the school dorm… Mass eating is what happens. I visited Novena Square 2’s Tonkotsu Kazan for dinner today AND IT WAS FANTABULOUS. Let’s start from the interior decor: And the food was just *drools*. We tried their signature Kazan Ramen, which essentially is handmade ramen cooked in a…

I’m semi-back! + Japanese Cheesecake

Just realised how long I’ve abandoned this blog. It’s coming to the end of semester 2 and just bussssssy. I had a really bad case of food craving last weekend – cheesecake and kimchi fried rice. Shopped and shopped supermarts after supermarts, but I just couldn’t find that Bibigo Kimchi that I used to have….