Steps for ordering and payment

There will be 2 payment stages, the first time when I’m placing the orders for you and the second time, when the items are ready for shipping from Japan to Singapore.

  1. Send in your orders to me via the Bigeast Store Order Form
  2. You will receive a first payment invoice from me to confirm your orders and inform you of the payment method and deadline.
  3. Orders will be compiled and sent out as a batch once I have confirmed your payment
  4. Once the orders have arrived at the Japan warehouse and are preparing for shipment to Singapore, I will send out the second payment notice.
  5. The second payment notice will contain details on the collection dates (for local buyers who might wish to meet up for collection). You will be asked to fill in second payment form.
    Why the need for filling in second payment form?
    Because everyone has different orders, I cannot send out all your payment notice at once. And do realise that some of you may opt for local mailing. So I will need to add in your local mailing fees into the second payment charges.
    i.e. Meetups:
    2nd Payment = shipping cost from Japan to Singapore

    i.e. Mailing (local/international):
    2nd Payment = shipping cost from Japan to Singapore + packaging cost (bubble wrap etc) + mailing charges from Singapore to your residence.

  6.  Once you have filled in the second payment form and I have processed your responses, you will be notified on the EXACT FINAL amount to pay (and this will be last payment you are making to me).
  7. DONE!