Throwback: Bangkok 2015 pictures (part1)

Good food in Bangkok and more!


Christmas Eve Dinner 2015

Lol, that was 2 weeks ago… We celebrate Christmas with out newly bought grill pan (we bought it on that day itself) and converted our prior plans into a mini BBQ session.   And because the prawns were cooking way too quickly together with the bacon slices, we decided to make a “hamburger” by stacking…

Bangkok 2015: Day 2

It’s been a long time since I came back from Bangkok, but I never really found time to sit down and edit these pictures before making the post. And since Christmas is drawing close, I finally get to sit down with a piece of mind and get this done!

Day 2 in Bangkok was devoted to shopping and eating. That’s basically it.

Changmin Into The Water Subbed

Finally found enough motivation to do this! Let’s all enjoy this awesome song by Changmin, Into the Water. Please show your support for Changmin by purchasing the original album if you have enjoyed this song (I’m pretty sure you will 😉 ) Credits: Amanda Translations: @joeyfly

It’s time to start praying for a DBSK reunion

2 Oct 2015 must have been every Yunjae fan’s wish come true. They hugged. They talked. They were at the same event. Prayers for a Yunjae reunion have finally been answered… like serious, may god bless the Korean army. *overflowing bucket of feels* Smiled like an idiot most of today, spammed whatsapp, line and kakao…

Monster Curry – set your mouth on fire…

10 minutes into the meal and you wonder why you are putting yourself through such pain. Your mouth will be on fire, and so will your stomach. Yours lips are stinging with hotness and flushing water down your throat just doesn’t seem to work.