Food Hunt: 一品排骨饭 Supreme Pork Chop Rice

Hello!! So many things happened in the past 1 week I barely had time to move around and try out new food… Anyways, here’s another favourite of mine and I finally found some time to go back there again! They have quite a variety of different noodles and rice sets there, but my personal favourite…

Food Hunt: Old Airport Road Food Centre (Part 2)

Last weekend, I made a trip down to Old Airport Road again, in search of more good food. My trips there are seldom disappointing, and this trip was arguably not too bad.

Food Hunt: Old Airport Road Food Centre

Old Aiport Road Food Centre is one of the more famous hawker centres in Singapore, even though its location might prove rather inaccessible for some.

But nothing stops me from getting good food so I’ll travel… for my food.