061216 Chiangmai: Day 3

Third installment of my CNX/BKK trip this holidays! It’s already 27th December here and looking at the date simply reminds me of how soon my hols are gonna be over T.T Totally not looking forward to the coming semester… Also received my results exactly a week ago and thankfully I did ok for the past…

061216 Chiangmai Day 2

Here’s a summary of my Day 2 in Chiangmai: Breakfast at Ibis Hotel – Exploring Nimmanhaeminda district – Maya Lifestyle Mall – Convenience store dinner. Breakfast at Ibis Hotel  Breakfast was ok in terms of the spread and taste, but there wasn’t much variation in the dishes served during the 2 days I stayed there. Cereals…

Bangkok 2015: Day 2

It’s been a long time since I came back from Bangkok, but I never really found time to sit down and edit these pictures before making the post. And since Christmas is drawing close, I finally get to sit down with a piece of mind and get this done!

Day 2 in Bangkok was devoted to shopping and eating. That’s basically it.