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Red is TVXQ. Orange is Shinhwa.

TVXQ’s red ocean signifies their hard work over the years. The red ocean signifies their struggles and eventual breakthroughs over the course of their hard work. The red ocean was a result of TVXQ’s continuous efforts, and certainly not overnight.

Changmin Into The Water Subbed

Finally found enough motivation to do this! Let’s all enjoy this awesome song by Changmin, Into the Water. Please show your support for Changmin by purchasing the original album if you have enjoyed this song (I’m pretty sure you will 😉 ) Credits: Amanda Translations: @joeyfly

Tohoshinki/DBSK/TVXQ/JYJ Piano Scores

Searched high and low for the piano scores for DB5k songs to only realise some of the websites had removed those links and files already. Just my luck… With whatever is left on the net, I found a “good” amount of sheet music listed below (will update the list once I find more decent music…